About Weepy Cat

Weepy Cat Cartoon FaceHello, my name is Peanut.  I don’t know how old I am–they think I might be 4 years old, or even 8.  Who knows?  I don’t know much about myself.  One day last year, I found myself at an animal shelter marked for euthanasia, whatever that means, because I had a cold that wouldn’t go away.

Luckily, a kitty rescue came to get me before that happened.  I was soon adopted out to a family, but they wouldn’t take me to a vet or even brush my long fur.  I eventually forgot how to use a litter box.  Once again, the kitty rescue came to get me.  But by then, my fur was completely matted and eyes crusted over and I could barely move.  I was completely shaved and put up for adoption, again, while having to live in a small kennel.  All I could do was sleep.

In July of 2013, two humans brought me to their home to live with them, an old cat, fish, and leopard gecko.  It took months, but my eyes cleared up, fur grew back in, and sometimes I remember to use the litter box.  Sometimes.  My eyes will forever be weepy because of my smooshed face, but that’s ok, right?

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